N.Animal 01-02buffalo
N.Animal 02-04tortoise, ivory & antler
N.Animal 03inlay, pique
N.Animal 05-06leather
N.Plant 01-02hand painted
N.Plant 02-03Art Deco & realistic
N.Plant 03-05Czech embossed wood
N.Plant 04Japonisme, bamboo & Tsuishu
N.Plant 05gutta percha
N.Plant 05-06Tyrol stype, with other materials
N.Plant 07-09vegetable ivory
N.Plant 10paper & stone, Chinese jade, cards
Shell 01classic & modern carving
Shell 05-06special shell(abalone, cowrie etc.)
Shell 08-11dyed & painted
Shell 09-11with other materials, cameo type
Shell 12various cards
Fabric 01-04Paul Poiret, passementrie
Fabric 03-04croche
Fabric 05-06straw & raffia, linen & cotton
Fabric 08for lingerie, thread covered
Fabric 09beads, miscellaneous
Fabric 10embroidery, various cards
Metal 01Japonisme, Chinoiserie, Victorian picture
Metal 02-03Art Nouveaux, enamel
Metal 03Chinese metal, Toggle, Freemason, Liberty pewter
Metal 03-05cut steel
Metal 05-06hunting motif
Metal 06-07Gay 1890s, with glass, accessory type
Metal 07-08Fornasetti, open worked
Metal 08Chanel, 1980s designers, cuff links
Metal 09-10Scotch piper, club button, hunting dog, with celluloid
Metal 10-11painted, miscellaneous
Metal 11-12military & uniform
Metal 12-15diminutives
Metal 15various cards, Tyrolean, Japanese school student
Glass 01-02Bohemian classic, textile imitation
Glass 02scarab, Vienna school
Glass 03-05diminutives, Austrian tinies
Glass 05-07Art Deco pattern
Glass 08Tyrol motif (edelweise, heart)
Glass 12-14black glass & silver glazed, uranium glass
Glass 14-16accessory type, strass, Swarovski
Glass 17-20modern West German
Glass 20Venetian type, paperweight
Glass 21transparent various shapes
Glass 22Bimini, micro mosaic, various cards, Guinness
Glass 23Satsuma, Zsolnay, Norwalk, Schaparelli, Fornasetti, souvenir
Glass 24Jasperware
Glass 25China calico, stencil, for lingerie, craft

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