What are Button ?

3) Usage.

Buttons designed for uniforms, from the military to sporting clubs. Memorial buttons (for example, the French Revolution or the Olympics) and coin buttons. Buttons designed for a whole range of clothing from underwear through to decorative dress. Buttons for accessories such as gloves and shoes.

4) From the motifs.

Motifs from human subjects, taken from mythology, children's stories, movies, music or the circus. Motifs from nature such as the sun or the stars, or animals and plants. Artificial structures such as buildings or transportation facilities. Exoticism (Egypt, Orient, Chinoiserie, and Japonism), Buttons called "realistics" depicting everyday items such as fruits, tableware, or simple tools like bolts and nuts. Geometrical designs, paisley pattern and so on.

Imitation of cloth material patterns ("china calico" buttons made of ceramic are famous).Real objects(like a flower or shell) enclosed by glass or resins.

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